Geography Field Trip to Temescal Canyon

Santa Monica Mountains are beautiful and special – they are the largest urban mountain range in the U.S.  with an unusual east-west trending. We are blessed to have it so close to our SMC main campus so that we can enjoy its beauty and explore its fascinating environment with just 15-minute drive.

On Sunday (April 2nd, 2017) young physical geographers in GEOG1 and GEOG5 had a wonderful filed trip in the Temescal Canyon Gateway Park in the Santa Monica Mountains. Through the field trip we better understood the physical environment in Santa Monica Mountains: the mild Mediterranean climate, the unique coastal sage and chaparral plant communities, the hydrological systems and the special geologic processes shaping the landscapes. We also learned how the Chumash, one of the Native American communities, lived in the mountains for over 10,000 years! Yes, geography helps us better understand our world and make a good difference in our world!